Josiah and I can't say thanks enough to you...

The five days we spent in the bush with Ismail and "the guys" were the most magical and relaxing time we've had in a long, long time.

Ismail, Balast, Loyao and the others; everyone took such good care of us! We felt so relaxed, so well taken care off, and so happy to be in nature and, at the same time, profoundly touched by what we were experiencing...

By walking through the Kirisia hills, we had the opportunity of interacting with its inhabitants in a very spontaneous and natural way. Starting with our guides, who are Samburu themselves, and during interesting encounters with the people, we learned so much about their fascinating culture, traditions and lifestyle. There is so much to learn from the Samburu people! The Samburu, the animals, and the Kirisia hills are all so amazing!

Thank you for giving us this opportunity Mickey and Ismail! We are very thankful to you both.



Diana & Josiah
Cairo, Egypt