Ever wonder what it was like to go on safari in the African bush 50, 100 years ago? What it was like to be on foot in the bush, open and unencumbered by the confines of a vehicle surrounding you, to feel, sense the living terrain around you with footfall as well as the rest of the senses? Well, so did we. And so we created Turkana Safaris from our years of combined experience in the bush. So if you are intrigued with the idea of experiencing the beauty, enormity and wilderness of the African bush on foot, then read on.

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We do all of our safaris in two main areas of Northern Kenya: the Turkana region, and the Samburu region surrounding the town of Maralal. The Turkana safaris are a much more rugged, extreme adventure, as we are going through the heat and barrenness of the Suguta Valley, with the oasis village of Loyangolani as our endpoint. The Samburu safaris are much more mild, walking through the rolling Kirisia hills surrounding Maralal. Click below for a more detailed description of each safari.


The Land

This is the area in northern Kenya where our Turkana safaris take place. The red line roughly marks the trail we take from Baragoi to Loyangalani at the edge of Lake Turkana, although the path is different for each and every safari.

The Suguta Valley and Lake Turkana are thought to be one of the harshest terrains on the planet. It is described as the hottest and windiest place on earth.