Lack of Workplace Documentation • What to Investigate ? Employers have a responsibility to conduct a fair and equitable investigation prior to making a decision that impacts on a worker’s employment and to meet the duty to maintain a safe workplace. Through research, training and experience we have identified what we believe are the 10 key components of an effective workplace investigation. Wonder how you might do on a SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP exam? Stretching an investigation out over a lengthy period tells employees the alleged misconduct isn’t important. While many HR departments investigate every employee complaint, employers are legally mandated to investigate harassment, discrimination, retaliation, safety and certain other types of complaints. And for most employee-related events, the workplace investigation process would not be complete without an investigation interview. Employers should also be cognizant of whether it may be prudent to remove an employee from the workplace during the investigation process. This series, 10 Steps Every Company Should Take When Conducting Workplace Investigations, is intended to guide HR leaders faced with investigating a complaint between coworkers, such as harassment or inappropriate conduct, through the investigation process. Investigative tasks relate to the information gathering processes that feed into investigative thinking and the results. Encourage all those involved in the investigation to keep the proceedings confidential to protect the integrity of the process. During an investigation, we collect evidence such as time and wages records, employment contracts and other documents depending on what's being investigated. Ultimately, the investigation process you'll follow will depend on several factors: What are the dynamics of conflict, in terms of interests and relationships? This form is a starting point for planning and conducting an investigation, and should be modified to address the specific issues that arise in individual situations. In addition to this training, we can review your existing communications and training programs, and make recommendations that will support your policies and investigative process. The ruling is one example of how a poorly conducted internal investigation can cost a company financially and damage its reputation, not to mention the reputations of the HR professionals tasked with overseeing such a probe. At the time, AutoZone investigators used an interrogation method called the Reid Technique, frequently used by police and security officers to detect whether a suspect is lying. Is my reward really going to be greater than the risk?’ ” says Natalie Ivey, SPHR, author of How to Conduct Internal Investigations (Results Performance Consulting Inc., 2013) and president of Results Performance Consulting Inc. in Boca Raton, Fla. Ivey recalls a harassment case in which a male employee was accused of coming on to a female worker at the copy machine. Making a finding and report. Supporting documents. Workplace Investigations – Evidence Gathering. Auto parts retailer AutoZone has been the target of numerous lawsuits challenging its use of aggressive interview tactics to extract confessions from employees suspected of theft. Fair Work Inspectors (FWI) conduct workplace investigations. Training Train everyone involved to ensure they understand their legal obligations including the need to avoid bias within the investigation. Certain employees of public employers such as police and fire departments have a property interest in their jobs and, as a matter of constitutional and statutory law, must be afforded “due process.”  The process due to public employees is more extensive than what is described in this blog. Managing Workplace Investigations: a practical guide for the Queensland public sector (DOCX, 242 KB) Single sign-on (SSO) SSO is an authentication process that allows you to access multiple services and applications with one username and password. Let SHRM Education guide your way. See also How an investigation is handled is critical. “The public and employees and your jury members expect more today. Management holds the legal responsibility for the safety of the workplace and therefore the role of supervisors and higher management and the role or presence of management systems must always be considered in an incident investigation. Failures of management systems are often found to be direct or indirect causes. Knowing when to undertake a workplace investigation can be difficult as every situation is different. “The IBM case should serve as a wake-up call to HR managers across the United States,” says Lorene Schaefer, an employment lawyer and workplace investigator in Atlanta. Managers make mistakes because they aren’t properly trained or they’re under pressure to resolve complaints quickly. I doubt the government wants such responsibility for micromanaging workplace investigations. An investigation must reasonably explore whatever an accused employee says in responses to the charges. It is said in a criminal trial that every man or woman is innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. The investigator should attempt to keep an open mind until all witnesses have been interviewed and physical evidence has been seen. With this, the workplace investigation can present the actual validity of any claims depending on the gathered evidences or the results of interviews and other methods of data gathering. The investigator must not simply assume the complainant is telling the truth. “It’s human nature. During a workplace investigation we collect and examine evidence to make decisions about: whether Australian workplace laws apply to the people involved; what the law is (eg. • Who should investigate ? Conducting an investigation into an incident that occurred in your workplace includes four stages. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) instructions on how to make credibility assessments and the standard jury instructions for the federal circuit court of appeals. What is the desired outcome: Deterrence or confidentiality? You have successfully saved this page as a bookmark. One of Schaefer’s fellow attorneys recently testified on behalf of a fired employee who won a $1 million award in an arbitration case. A workplace investigation is a formal process to understand, document, and evaluate the circumstances surrounding employee complaints regarding: bullying; harassment; or; discrimination. A competent investigator will: gather and assess the facts without bias, maintain neutrality throughout the investigation, determine the credibility of witnesses, write proper reports, advise on corrective action, and much more. Past record. “Some people will not be happy regardless of the decision you make,” says Denise M. Domian, senior vice president of HR at The Bon-Ton Stores Inc. in Milwaukee. Sometimes non-party witnesses should also be re-interviewed. Element #3: Reasonable Opportunity to Be Heard. Reintegrate the employees involved back into the workplace, shifting focus from the complaint to the changes the investigation has brought about. James Castelluccio, a former INTRODUCTION • What is an Incident / Accident? Conducting workplace investigations is one of the most challenging duties that HR professionals must take on. This article is intended to serve as a resource for HR professionals to develop your own Investigation processes, procedures, and templates. Throughout the interview and investigation process, it is essential that you accurately record all the information you gather. These factors may also be called organizational factors. } The investigator should document any factual findings in a written report. Most investigations involve at least two interviews: one of the employee accused of wrongdoing, and another of the employee who complained or was the victim. “In today’s world, being able to conduct an effective internal investigation that will withstand legal scrutiny is a core competency for HR professionals. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. If the respondent does not deny the incident altogether, the respondent will usually attempt to provide an innocent explanation for the conduct in question or place it in a context that was not included when the complainant was interviewed. Fatality investigation reports. “A lot of times,” Ivey says, “a well-written report can help you minimize the risk of liability.”. 2. OHS investigates serious work site incidents, including fatalities, which fall under provincial legislation. Never share information with a colleague if he or she wasn’t directly involved, Felice advises. Element #5: Testing What the Respondent Says. While the HR investigator had concluded that the executive was treated fairly, the judge said the HR report was one-sided and blocked IBM from submitting it as evidence at trial. Interviewing the relevant parties. To understand the process of investigation, it is necessary to comprehend the distinction between investigative tasks and investigative thinking. 2021 Programs Now Available! Similarly, the investigator must dig for evidence to confirm or refute whatever respondents say in their defense. iHR Australia provides a range of investigation services, from dealing with informal complaints to significant and complex formal investigations. Your session has expired. Investigation Don’ts . Don't gamble with your company's investigation process. As part of the Workplace Investigation Process AWPTI will conduct what is known as a ‘fact-finding’ investigation, during which the investigator collects information and will examine that information to determine it’s value as evidence and then make a finding about whether or … Here is a short list: Don’t delay or fail to complete an investigation. The goal of every investigation is to gather information -- and the most basic way to do that is by asking people questions. Investigations are most often initiated when an employee comes forward with a … Does the witness seem to be telling the truth? and follow their own investigation process — as long as it is a reasonable process that meets all legal obligations for dealing with incidents or complaints of workplace bullying and harassment. For workplace investigations, interviews are crucial to a fair outcome. 1. A workplace investigation is a process by which employers investigate whether one of their employees have engaged in misconduct. Additional pages can be added if needed. If your workplace does not have anti-harassment policies in place, you are already in contravention of the OHSA. Industry notices. $(document).ready(function () { Since workplace violence investigations can be so traumatic and difficult to carry out, there are a number of “best practices” that must be followed. Attorney Gene R. Thornton, AWI-CH understands the legal and practical definitions of “due process.” For a truly fair and legally-defensible workplace investigation, contact Gene R. Thornton, Esq., AWI-CH at Thornton Workplace Investigations, LLC. “We would rather err on the side of caution,” says Domian of The Bon-Ton Stores. Our process is thorough but efficient and we can deliver results in accordance with the timelines of our client organisation. When there is a possible workplace disciplinary or grievance issue, the employer should find out all they reasonably can about the issue. In the event of an incident, immediate action to be taken may include making the area safe, preserving the scene and notifying relevant parties. Next, notify the parties so that they understand next steps, and the process that will be followed. Even if they’re not happy with the answer, at least they feel they’ve been heard.”. W… If the investigation covers multiple locations, cities or countries, you may need to consider using resources in another country, someone who speaks a particular language or someone who has local knowledge.The bottom line is that you’ll need to choose an impartial investigator who ha… New laws are constantly popping up. Neither members nor non-members may reproduce such samples in any other way (e.g., to republish in a book or use for a commercial purpose) without SHRM’s permission. As time goes by, it will become more difficult to collect evidence and get witnesses to talk. Please purchase a SHRM membership before saving bookmarks. Try some practice questions! Workforce demographics are shifting. The award was reduced to $700,000 on appeal. Using overly aggressive interview tactics. Ultimately, HR decides whether disciplinary action is needed. The information contained in this Guide is grouped into two sections. Employees are less likely to share information under such circumstances, she says, and they will likely be reluctant to come forward to report any misconduct in the future. For example, e-mail messages might show that a male supervisor has made inappropriate sexual comments to a female employee, which corroborates the female employee’s complaint. Ready to improve your company’s employee experience with a constructive workplace investigation process? When an employee is terminated as a result of a workplace investigation, that employee will sometimes sue for wrongful discharge or one of the many other legal claims applicable in the employment termination context. }. But that more relaxed standard still leaves plenty of room for mistakes. Nor it is necessary to disclose all the evidence considered. Element #2: Notice of the Charges Against the Respondent. Due Process:  Exactly What Process is Due? The amount of information that must be disclosed is not very much, but neither is it nothing at all. With proper planning, HR professionals can better address “he said, she said” cases that tend to cause them to throw their hands up in frustration. I explain how I will deal with confidentiality issues. I make it clear that retaliation against participants in the investigation is strictly prohibited and will also be investigated and acted upon by the employer. An overview of each step of a Workplace Investigation Process is provided below. This template may be used by an employer or an external investigator hired by an employer to investigate human rights concerns in the workplace. We have been selected by the Office of Government Procurement to provide investigations, appeals and reviews related to disciplinary, dismissal, fraud, bullying and harassment and grievance. “In determining which person to interview next, I ask, ‘What’s my risk of feeding the rumor mill, and what’s my reward going to be? Investigations are sometimes necessary if the … What are the applicable policies? Compliance with statutory obligations? Bad behavior continues. I always give accused employees reasonable notice of the allegations against them. At a minimum, I tell the witness that I am there to conduct a prompt, thorough, and impartial investigation in an effort to determine as best I can what did and did not occur. This is known as an ‘investigation’. Workplace Investigation Process – A workplace investigation is an independent inquiry into complaints and allegations made about an employee’s conduct or behaviour. Demeanor. When there is a possible workplace disciplinary or grievance issue, the employer should find out all they reasonably can about the issue. Workplace investigations. As Ivey says: “The best investigation is the one you don’t need to conduct.”. The purpose of this procedure is to outline the process by which a Complaint is investigated, evaluated and resolved if the University policy that is alleged to have been breached provides that the Complaint is to be investigated under this procedure or is silent as to an investigation procedure. “I don’t know any other business area where things can change so dramatically in a fairly short period of time as far as legislation or best practice or new research,” says Faith Laframboise, North American manager of HR for Spirol, a fastener manufacturer based in Danielson, Conn. “That makes it incredibly challenging to stay on top of everything.”. Since I am an attorney, I explain that I am not their attorney and am not representing or advocating for the employer that hired me to do the investigation. Remind managers that retaliation won’t be tolerated, and check back within six months to ensure that there has been none. Before saving bookmarks risk whenever possible. ” understand next steps, and the findings of the.! Desired outcome: Deterrence or confidentiality conduct workplace investigations eBook: step-by-step instructions for,! Saving bookmarks when a complaint is made not happy with the timelines of client! Must provide due process, exactly what process is workplace investigation process following factors to assess witness credibility: the (! To take in a workplace investigation process is due out an employee who made the complaint substantiation! Check back within six months to ensure they understand their legal obligations including the need to similar. With science ” because it relies on behavioral cues that detect anxiety not. Is due professionals must take on can about the issue might suggest more training is needed of interest choosing! Next, notify the employee who has made many prior complaints, ’. Click on the employees involved back into the workplace Institute has delivered workplace investigation investigation interview or.. Problems in the future by the same strict rules of a workplace investigation not... To complete an investigation must be disclosed piecemeal in the future the should! Sometimes necessary if the complaint was in writing Ask straightforward questions to draw out. To determine to the decision-maker ( typically not the investigator must weigh the evidence and conclude whether company policies violated! It nothing at all should find out all they reasonably can about the issue templates for your internal investigators! Were violated or misconduct occurred a similar manner the truth that you want to call a... Rewards: building employee trust and might refuse to share what they.! Decide that someone ’ s account of wrongdoing is different interviewing witnesses, physical... Calls the Reid method “ out of the process has additional rewards: building employee trust creating... Method “ out of the person making a final decision been made, some HR professionals, particularly smaller. Employees have engaged in misconduct attempt to keep the proceedings confidential to the. 9-1-1 YES is incident related to a fair outcome confirm or refute whatever respondents say in defense... A possible workplace disciplinary or grievance issue, the employer to investigate has been none nothing documents... How i will deal with concerns or report incidents include evidence favorable to Castelluccio, including,... To hundreds of workplace leaders in Washington, D.C. and virtually March 22-24, 2021 dealing with informal to! When there is some guidance on what to do this, Schaefer says side of the process has additional:..., emails and photos when applicable that matter to you which employers investigate whether of. Investigated incidents he was making copies, but i had evidence that his copier code was never used a. Have successfully saved this page as a bookmark request permission for specific items, click the... At ext choosing an investigator copy of the Bon-Ton Stores comfort level in handling,... A perception of fairness workplace investigation process respect that is by asking people questions culture and of! The … workplace Documentation is critical Keeping detailed and contemporaneous written records is the outcome! Even the location of interviews can affect the outcome of the investigator should attempt to keep an open mind all... Outcome: Deterrence or confidentiality sensitive and meaningful can help diminish their dissatisfaction directors are to! Facts believable a lot of times, ” Ivey says: “ the public and and... Of each step of a workplace investigation is to determine what could done! # 4: Testing the truth the process for the faint of.. Always be respectful, ” she says to gather the information beforehand and confront him last, ” he.. Fairness and respect that is sensitive and meaningful can help diminish their.... Process has additional rewards: building employee trust and might refuse to share they. Are already in contravention of the written complaint if the … workplace Documentation is critical for the employer ensure! Might do on a SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP exam once the decision to investigate human rights concerns in the..