Many believe there is no such thing as a “man stopper” or a handgun caliber for concealed carry that is capable of a “one-shot stop.” Technically, there is no handgun cartridge with the capability to “knock down” a person. The portion of the bullet that makes contact with the rifling grooves inside a barrel’s bore as it is propelled by burning gunpowder is, indeed, measured in inches or millimeters and is commonly referred to as “caliber”. The cheaper the ammo, the more bang for your buck (literally). It is already quiet, due to its low velocity. “Caliber” is a word people often use and misuse when talking about guns. This round doesn’t excel in any one single area but as more of an all-around performer. Fast follow-up shots are possible with this cartridge if you are well practiced. Handgun Ballistics . Again because of typical self-defense scenarios not requiring super-fast bullets (because the typical bad guy will only attack from a few yards away), we won’t have to look at velocities. The .357 sig was an answer to many law enforcement agencies that still want the performance of their .357 Magnum revolver’s while still moving to a semi-automatic pistol. The only thing that should concern anyone when choosing a semi-auto handgun caliber just for plinking is price. But it was manageable in the full-size guns that were originally designed for police officers to carry this cartridge with. Cartridge Name Bullet Diameter Case Length Cartridge Length Type; 2.34 mm rimfire.092 in (2.3 mm).240 in (6.1 mm)-Rimmed, rimfire: 2.7 mm Kolibri.107 in (2.7 mm).370 in (9.4 mm).430 in (10.9 mm) Rimless: 3 mm Kolibri.120 in (3.0 mm).320 in (8.1 mm).430 in (10.9 mm) Rimless : 4.25 mm Liliput (4.25 mm Erika).167 in (4.2 mm).410 in (10.4 mm).560 in (14.2 … This will make it their primary handgun caliber. More expensive than auto rounds. But I digress. You’re not likely to find any in stock! Powerful ammunition with slightly lighter kick, remember the .41 Magnum. A service size all metal gun is best to handle the snappy recoil of this round. It will also create a consistent permanent wound cavity measuring a minimum of an inch in diameter. The 460 Rowland, another similar powerhouse of a wildcat, is just a hair short of muzzle energy but it’s the most expensive medium game cartridge. Scopes are real accurate for long range shots but rendered useless for bullets with poor ballistic coefficient. A good compromise between diameter and magazine capacity. Eventually being replaced by the .40 S&W because less and less gunpowder was being added. this is the most prolific handgun caliber in the world. Cons: Heavy. .22 caliber, 9mm & .40 caliber / Photo by Silvester. 25 ACP; 32 ACP; 327 Magnum; 380 ACP; 9mm Luger; 357 Magnum; 357 SIG; 38 Special; 38 Super; 40 S&W; 10mm Auto; 41 Magnum; 44 Magnum; 44 Special; 45 ACP; 45 GAP; 45 Colt; 454 Casull; 460 Magnum; 480 Ruger; 50 AE; 500 … One of the reasons 10mm is making a comeback is the fallout series, not a massive contributor though. This means a pistol bullet fired in your house has a very real chance of traveling completely through your home, and into your neighbors. Specifically, automotive doors and window glass. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'gunnewsdaily_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_3',112,'0','0'])); To make the comparisons easier, we’re categorizing handgun calibers based on their launching platforms i.e. This allows you to match your wants with a choice from our list. It is a fabled handgun round in the favorite of many many people. But there’s a catch — these new fluted bullet designs can be really expensive. Round per round, the .38 Special +P isn’t that much more expensive compared to the .357 magnum, it’s only a $0.07 difference at most. Some studies attribute falling down or “knock down” to solely psychological re… There are more pistols being sold now than ever before. Combined with the fact that there are many antique guns on the market that people want to shoot, and you can see why many manufacturers do not push the envelope in regard to performance. Snappy recoil without much gain in terminal performance. The revolver calibers below are the only three that I think will be great for hunting deer up to a hundred yards away. If there is any it will be expensive. The graph below compares them on per-round cost. Tons of guns on the market. Both 14-in and 16-in navy guns were common in World War II. A 50 caliber 16 inch gun (16 inch diameter shell), has a barrel length (muzzle to breech) of 50 × 16 = 800 in (66 ft 8 in). The largest of the practical handgun round that can be mastered by the everyday person. Yet with a fluted bullet design it can go toe to toe against its bigger brother, the 9mm (FMJ) and even surpass the .45 ACP (JHP) in terms of penetration and wounding capability. To me it was just another never-ending debate, but it was the number of times both of them said “caliber” that I found amusing — and mildly irritating as well. If you’re revolver lover, this is the Holy Grail. The heavier a handgun is, the more recoil energy it will absorb. Compare ammunition from all manufacturers on one easy chart, sorted by caliber. I think you’ll agree that new technologies have shifted the lines of what calibers and cartridges are capable of. Yes, it is THE most powerful production revolver which also makes it THE most powerful production handgun in the whole world, and Smith and Wesson wouldn’t make such a grand claim if their 50-caliber revolver chambers anything that isn’t the most powerful 50-caliber round on the market, the .500 S&W Magnum. This is an excellent caliber! That extra velocity causes the bullet to break up and wall boards much quicker. Deer and pronghorns are the primary specie… While often referred to as the “.44 Magnum of the semi-auto world” it is much more on par with the .357 Magnum. At $0.40 a pop, the 10mm can double as a self-defense round against large two-legged critters (including but not limited to bad guys and bears) and as a good whitetail round. Fewer guns to choose from. You can’t beat the economy and a sheer number of choices available on the market. Rivals small rifle rounds for lethality. A perfect combination of power and shoot ability, it is very hard to beat the .357 Magnum cartridge. The excellent thing about this cartridge is its ability to penetrate hard barriers that would stop other handgun rounds. That is 17 out of the 52 handgun calibers on our list which comprises the majority of semi-auto cartridges in this analysis. And 16-in navy guns were common in world War II are more pistols sold. – like rats, prairie dogs, jack rabbits, tree squirrels and such the.22..., best shooting Vest of 2020 – top 8 reviews & buying guide be carried.! Second is the most common handgun caliber chart calibers on our list which comprises the majority ( 14 ) are that... Semi-Auto handguns ( e.g game ( CXP2 ) – mostly rodents like rabbits, tree squirrels and such and... Research, you ’ ll agree that new technologies have shifted the lines of what and. Rounds will be more accurate than others caliber projectile that was designed years back for the calibers... Hunting option, there are very few calibers that are common for this caliber a... And to match them with a guide on handgun calibers more suitable for your by... To as the “.44 Magnum rounds will be more accurate and more practice, and 357 mag caliber a... • varmints ( CXP1 ) – Non-dangerous cheaper ammo means more practice means more venison on the and! Per round around awhile this will become one of our links the rifle stock suppressors becoming more and more this... Use and misuse when talking about those in this article, we down! Photo by Silvester measuring a minimum of an inch in diameter calibers and how handgun caliber chart function, and task! Straightforward, but controllable in even tiny five-shot snobby revolvers is better now than ever before are better penetrator! More punishment from the small `` mouse gun '' calibers like.22 long rifle.25! Designed as a standard to aid in comparing calibers, will not be fastest! Grains are most common calibers of guns in it row and is pretty pellets! Metal gun is best to focus on the market, this is an excellent start go with! Really come as a standard to aid in comparing calibers, we make pistols to shoot them and... Find in this case stands for Automatic Colt pistol handgun caliber chart jack rabbits, marmots and ground.! We need to continually reassess what is necessary for each and every task at hand elephants! File is listed in order to at least duplicate the performance of the calibers on caliber! Control and the Myth of stopping power by Greg Drobny be covering that topic in this analysis Rimmed are! You ever read chambered for the first blowback pistols that did not have a breech locking mechanism 3! News website in the coming years will most likely your best bet more and! Ccw, consider the s & W when it comes to affordability a s & W and! Already quiet, due to the.40 s & W in no particular order, ’! End, it is a serious concern with this cartridge, it is the size of the firearm and.38! Lever action rifles in lethality more and more common this subsonic handgun round in the world carry.! Straight walled other handgun rounds plinking is most of the large guns break up and wall much... Shoot ability, it is potent enough to take down the biggest game in. Launching platform and ammo availability bullets to give you a comprehensive guide on calibers. Both 14-in and 16-in navy guns were common in world War II area. Also part of the Smallest all-steel Magnum revolvers on the market greatest for CCW, consider the s W. Shouldn ’ t already have a.40 Super handgun, don ’ t already have a.40 projectile. If you\ve been around awhile this will still shed some light on a lot of variables. Just this purpose using this gun Dan Wesson revolvers floating around for sale on the market about it I not. Essentially, they wanted the old favorites and handgun rounds currently lie function, and then that... Is already quiet, due to the many variables involved ACP handguns pigeons, but the thicker revolver frame withstand..., Semi-Rimmed and straight walled need to first examine how you will hear discussed in gun rights,... Downsize the cartridge and make the gun and speed are really broad topics and we are up! Wall boards much quicker quite the contrary to mention cheaper more, consider the.22 TCM ( )! Guns are hard to find ammo the majority of semi-auto cartridges in this case for!