Please check your email for further instructions. I see Dan Durston and Henry Shires are having quite the embarrassing pissing match at Massdrop over who’s tent is better. Innovation and purpose driven design. We put it to a review … The guylines that you use for the tent body are the same guylines that you use for the tarp. They were spec’d to be long enough so that the inner tent could be shifted around. This can be mitigated with some type of a partial ground cloth but it gets fussy. No, definitely not. 2. Put the tip of the pole through the grommet at the bottom webbing of the tarp (near the zipper) and adjust the tension lock. These days people are relying on blog posts and YouTube. Nemo and Mountain Hardware have some good designs as well. If this tent had vestibules, you would lose the simple pitch, dry entry/exit, and ventilation in a storm. Beyond the weight penalty, these shelters will perform awesomely in milder conditions, too — they are a one-shelter quiver. Since Andrew is vouching for the wind-worthiness of the shelter in moderately foul weather I will take him at his word and keep practicing. Sierra Designs High Route 1 FL; Sierra Designs. High Side 2 Sierra Designs. The Sierra Designs High Route 1 FL Tent is really “a pyramid shelter with an inner-nest option.” More specifically, it’s a 2-apex pyramid, meaning that two poles support the shelter at two “pyramid peaks.” A 2-apex pyramid (vs. single apex) provides more vertical walls and therefore more usable living area (in this case enough room for two people). I love the stability and versatility of this tent. Try putting more tension on the doors by lengthening the poles. If you decide to support another brand besides Sierra Designs, MLD would be a good choice.) The Sierra Designs Lightning 2 FL is a spacious 2 person tent with two large screened side vestibules for covered gear storage. It would be interesting to see a back of the envelope (or fag packet if your a pom) estimate on the weight and cost of a dyneema fly and bug floor. May be purely subjective. Dan shows this in his pitch video but if he wants to sell another thousand or two thousand tents he should hammer this point more, because dummies like me will miss it. Freestanding tents from BA, REI, and MSR seem to be most popular, and I would start there. I use it for 6 weeks per year, and only need something fairly minimal. 2) The inner and fly corners use 2.5mm line with Lineloc 3s. Thankfully, the pitch is straightforward and easy to learn. I bought the Mk.1 shortly after release and returned within weeks because next to a Stratospire it felt less robust in high winds. The Sierra Designs High Route FL 1 is a great entry point if you’ve never used a trekking pole tent before because it doesn’t require any seam sealing, everything is included, and it has easy-to-learn, fast-pitch. I will drive out to the desert tomorrow to try it out. I could not get the fly closer than 2 inches to the ground. They preserve its rectangular footprint, which makes for an easy pitch. I have really seriously considered several trekking pole centric tents and was thrilled to see an updated version of the high route! Well done Andrew! This is the most practical ultralight 1-person shelter I’ve seen in a while. Read this for more info, My name is Alexandria, trail name Soulshine. My only concern with the hammock option on the MST is the coastal & outer banks section. As I said earlier, I know of two other shelters that share the High Route’s diagonal pole positions: the Tarptent Stratosphire and the Yama Mountain Gear Swiftline. That said, maybe we’ll look at increasing the cat cut on the ridgeline to make it even more pronounced, or trying to create some type of inner pocket for the pole rather than using the Velcro strap. Choose your options. But it shouldn’t be saggy. The poles will have to at least be 120, but they’ll probably need to be a little longer in order to remove all the slack from the door panels. Being out in the wilderness for over five months changed my life in the most positive ways, and I'm yearning to find ways to bring that positivity into society. The shelter does not appear to be properly set up. Everything else — including the HR1 — is at best an evolution in existing design, offering something different and somehow better (though not necessarily across-the-board better). Some thoughts and responses: 2. For example, little things like making sure that the handles of the poles are oriented properly, with the “beak” of the grip pointing outward towards what appears to be a pocket designed explicitly to hold it?